Welcome to the Aamjiwnaang Solidarity website. The purpose of this site is to create a forum for communication and action around the toxic reality of living in Chemical Valley. Through this forum, Aamjiwnaang First Nation community members can share their experiences, and we can increase wider public awareness of this unacceptable situation of environmental racism.

This is also a place to stay updated on recent spills in the Aamjiwnaang and Sarnia areas, the content of these spills, and what community members can do to lessen exposure to them.  The aim of Aamjiwnaang Solidarity is also to inform allies how they can speak out against this injustice and put pressure on governments and industry to stop this industrial genocide. Upcoming events and action items will be shared in order to build active solidarity to struggle for justice for the Aamjiwnaang community.


We are a small grassroots collective of Anishinaabe land defenders that connect the Indigenous front line environmental struggles. Our group Aamjiwnaang and Sarnia Against Pipelines asserts Indigenous Rights and Sovereignty, and we use both non violent direct action and education to raise awareness about environmental injustice. We work with allies throughout Southern Ontario in order to build a network of support for our community, and break down barriers of race, class, gender, and culture. Our decisions are made through consensus, and ASAP regularly consults with Elders in the community about group direction and decisions. ASAP incorporates our 7 grandfather teachings in every action, our culture is incorporated into every event and meeting. In our way of life we not only defend and protect Mother Earth, we do ceremony for our land and live with it. It’s giving back to Mother Earth and giving it respect again where industry has made it almost too polluted to live with. Aamjiwnaang is a unique example of colonialism and the resilience it takes for a Nation to continue to thrive. ASAP messaging focuses on our community’s connection between health and the environment.


environmental racism


  1. Is the end goal to reduce the pollution to zero or to reduce the industry that produces the pollution to zero?

    1. There is many end goals to this work ASAP does. The pollution that is happening today isn’t one of the only concerns, there has been historic pollution and accumulation of pollution that hasn’t been looked at or cleaned up/ properly cleaned up.

  2. Would you be interested in connecting with “Ride the Line” against Line 9? Tentatively May 14th in Marysville, Michigan. Kick off for bike riders going to end of line 650mi.. If maybe or want more info, please contact me. Would be great to have you there!!! Grace Alexander

    1. You need to control the pollution by controlling the gas and water monitors. You are the victims so you can get the courts to allow you to monitor everything and collect the data. The company will be required to pay you for your monitoring service. I will help you if you wish to start a monitoring company as it should be offering high quality monitoring services that would stand up to the skeptics.

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